The joint congress of the Asian Society of Veterinary Dermatology and the Japanese Society of Veterinary Dermatology 2022.

General Information

Date: 27th March, 2022
Venue: Tokyo, Kokusai Fashion Center
WEB CAST: 10:00 am 18th March, 2022 –
5:00 pm 27th April, 2022



Registration period

February 21, 2022 (Monday) noon –
April 22, 2022 (Friday) 5:00 pm


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Delivery period

March 18, 2022 (Friday) 10:00 am –
April 27, 2022 (Wednesday) 5:00 pm


JSVD / AiSVD Invited Lecture (English and Japanese interpretation) Online Streaming

Dermatological Manifestations of Systemic Disease

Catherine Outerbridge (UCDAVIS)

Advanced Therapeutics for Canine Alopecia

Chie Tamamoto-Mochizuki (NC State University)

Moderator: Koji Nishifuji (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

Science Lecture - Ltching and Nerves - (Japanese version only)

Takaharu Okada(RIKEN)

Moderator: Masahiko Nagata (ASC)

Symposium - Dermadrome Stream - (Japanese version only)

Canine Hyperadrenocortical Hyperfunction and Hypothyroidism from the Perspective of a Physician

Masahiko Sato (Veterinary Specialists Emergency Center)

Liver Disease

Hideyuki Kanamoto (DVMs Animal Medical Center Yokohama)

Blood Disease

Aki Ohmi (University of Tokyo)

Tumor Skin Metastasis / Paraneoplastic Syndrome

Kei Harada (Japan Small Animal Medical Center)

Dermatology Moderator:
Takafumi Osumi (Animal Dermatology Consultant)
Nobuo Murayama (Dermatology Services for Dogs and Cats)
Clinical Pathology Moderator:
Seigo Ogasawara (IDEXX Laboratories)

Skin Immunity / Allergy Advanced Lecture (Japanese version only)

Atopic Dermatitis ~ Common Sense of Changing Pathology ~

Ryota Asahina (Kyoto University)

Mystery of Cytokine Network

Tetsuro Kobayashi (RIKEN)

Moderator: Keita Iyori (Vet Derm Tokyo)

JSVD Research Report (Japanese version only)

Canine Atopic Dermatitis

Ryota Asahina (Kyoto University)

Canine Pyoderma

Masahiro Yamasaki (Iwate University)

Luncheon seminar (Japanese version only)

1. Hill's Colgate Japan, Inc
I would use it like this! Dermatology's new generation food.

Dr.Shinichi Yokoi (Sennan Animal Hospital)

2. Zoetis Japan Inc.
-Don't try too hard- Clinical approach to immune- mediated skin disorders

Sadatoshi Maeda, DVM, Ph.D, M.S. (Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University)

Sponsorship seminars (Japanese version only)

1. V and P company
The "internal approach" to skin diseases

Mariko Esumi (Vet Craft)

2. Zoetis Japan Inc.
The Science of Itch - Control of itch in pruritic skin disease for dogs - Language: Japanese
Part1: The Science of Itch

Andrea Gonzales, PhD (Senior Research Director Companion Animal Research, VMRD, Zoetis, USA)

Part2: Integrating Cytopoint into your veterinary practice

Valerie A. Fadok, DVM, PhD, DACVD (Senior Veterinary Dermatologist Zoetis, USA)

AiSVD lectures (English and Japanese translation) Online Streaming

Advances in Diagnosis and Therapy of Canine Atopic Dermatitis

Hsiao Yun-Hsia (VDT Co., Ltd)

Antimicrobial Resistance in Cutaneous Pathogens

Dr. Jaeeun Hyun (Gyeongsang National University)

What’s New in Feline Allergic Diseases

Dr. Stefan Hobi (City University of Hong Kong)

Case Report / Scientific Research

Oral Presentation

Scientific Research

Clinical efficacy of Neo-Burow’s solution in seven dogs with Pseudomonas otitis

Nobuo Murayama (Dermatology Services for Dogs and Cats)

Scientific Research

A retrospective study on the prognosis of 29 ears of otitis media in cats flushed with a video otoscope

Takafumi Osumi (Veterinary Specialty Practice VST Shinjuku Otology & Dermatology Center)

Case Report

Atypical clinical presentation in feline sebaceous adenitis: a case report

Norihito Taguchi (Vet Derm Tokyo, Dermatological and Laboratory Service for Animals)

Scientific Research

Multilocus sequence typing and phenotypic characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from dogs with otitis

Ahmed Elfadadny (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

Scientific Research

Maintenance of CD4+ skin-resident memory T cells via lymphatic endothelial cells-derived IL-7

Ryota Asahina (Kyoto University)


Case Report

Clinical response to high dose oral oclacitinib treatment of canine cutaneous epitheliotropic T-cell lymphoma: a case report

Takuma Imai (Vet Derm Tokyo, Dermatological and Laboratory Service for Animals)

Scientific Research

Clinical trial for house dust mite control by administering a fipronil spot-on formulation to dogs

Yukari Nakamura (Okayama University of Science)

Scientific Research

Evaluation of Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) measurements in four canine breeds

Mariko Esumi (Vet Craft)

Scientific Research

A retrospective study of 47 degus (octodon) with skin diseases

Akiyoshi Murakami (Oosagami Animal Clinic)

Call for Abstract

The joint congress of the Asian Society of Veterinary Dermatology and the Japanese Society of Veterinary Dermatology 2022 / meeting is now call for Abstract.
Please navigate to the Registration portal to complete your registration.

  • This year, the AiSVD jointly organizes annual congress in conjunction with the JSVD, in which the symposium and the poster will be separated into two societies. Before you submit, please confirm which society that you are going to attend.
  • The official language in JSVD is Japanese, and for AiSVD is English.
  • Regarding the domestic certificate policy of JSVD, presenting in JSVD will be regarded as domestic presentation, and presenting in AiSVD will be regarded as international presentation.
  • In general, JSVD only accept on site presentation, but the session will be recorded and upload to event platform. In addition, the recorded video will open access for attendants.
  • JSVD speaker should provide Microsoft PowerPoint file according to announced deadline. On 27th March, 2022, PC will be prepared in each conference room. On the other hand, AiSVD is only accessed online streaming, not on-site congress (speaker should prepare their own prerecorded video).
  • The electronic posters are available on webinar platform (presenter should prepared their poster file).

Submission types

1. Case report

Call for case report of animal dermatoses or dermatological diseases that provides useful information or rare cases could be considered. Any relevant additional information and interested case should be considered as widely accepted.

2. Scientific research

Call for scientific research of animal dermatoses or dermatological diseases. Original experimental or novel results are within the scope of this congress. Submission implies that the content has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere, including abstract in other conference or symposium.

Presentation types

A. Oral presentation

* The oral presentation in AiSVD will be provided as prerecorded video.

B. Poster

Call for abstract

Deadline (abstract): 25th January, 2022

AiSVD (Oral) prerecording video submission

Deadline: 21th February, 2022

AiSVD (Poster) submission

Deadline: 21th February, 2022

Abstract submission

  • Abstract must be associated to a registered presenter.
  • To submit the abstract, please download the application forms (Word file a. case report, b. scientific research). Please submit your file that according to each format. Regarding the poster, please referred to poster guideline (PowerPoint file).
  • Please applicate the form for submission
  • Accepted title and presentation types will be decided by the scientific committee based on the evaluation. Authors of selected abstract will receive an e-mail after 10 days of deadline.
  • Submitted title or content of abstract cannot be changed.


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